Monday, February 27, 2006


Well, we heard lots of great music this weekend, didn't drink too much, and got plenty of sleep so I'd say we had a very sucessful weekend. A couple of highlights......went to the 72 hour jam to kill time before the next event and the Cheveries, friends of mine were playing. I had never heard them sing on stage so that was such a pleasant surprise. A special highlight is that I accompanied a friend for her first "night out"after suffering a stroke a month ago. We saw Dave Gunning, JP Cormier (probably a relative), and The Barra MacNeills at the Main Stage. My friend was on the Make Poverty History committee, who was sponsoring the show.

A couple of the events we had planned to attend were sold out thus there were a couple of people I wanted to see but didn't. Oh well, next time. A great weekend over all! I may post some photo's later after I see them on the computer screen.

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Ocean said...

Well your weekend sounded really good! You had a weekend out on the towna dn I stayed home, isn't that a surprise!!!