Monday, February 20, 2006

What does it all mean?

It has been a very strange week. Every day last week, I heard bad news. One person was in a terrible accident after visiting her father in hospital after he had a heart attack. A friend from NYC lost her partner of many years, a friends son OD'd on pills at a party, my daughter's friend had emergency surgery, and another friend is looking after her dying cousin's child.........and to top it all off two people I know died. What a week!

I'm hoping this week is kinder.

The East Coast Music Awards (ECMA's) are happening this weekend in Charlottetown and I plan to attend as many events as I can. I will stay in Charlottetown for the weekend, leaving the care of my kitties to my daughter.

My son is coming home from University this week for his spring break. It will be nice to have a hug from my big guy. I miss him.

I must introduce you all to the precious kitties. Today you get a close up of Ms. MacKenzie, usually known as Kenz. I have figured out how to get pictures on here and hope I can figure out how to put music on this blog. Anyone know how?

Anyway to a kinder week...........


Ocean said...

mom, you are much better at this blog business than I am!!! It's cute, when are you going to introduce Clarky????

Aaron said...

Hey Mom,
Nice Blog. I thought the 'love of color' one was pretty funny. Do you love all colors in general, or some more than others? Me: I have a strong distaste for the color salmon. I have always believed it to be pink, and just think it should be honest about what it is.

Anonymous said...

Bur salmon is a colour you can eat....dual purpose colour