Tuesday, February 21, 2006

These pictures are on backward to how I wanted them but it will have to do. I wanted to introduce you to Clarke then show Clarke and Kenz together. Anyway, the 3rd photo is Clarke, Clarkie, Clarkie Malarky. He is my daughter's cat and was 1 yr. old on Dec. 23rd. Kenz and Bella will be 8 on Aug 1st.

The second photo shows the Clarke and Kenz at one of their favorite places on a pole above the deck.. When Clarke first moved here in May he could get up there but not down. He isn't the most agile of cats. The girls are like acrobats in the trees and actually jump from tree to tree....but not Clarke. He falls out of trees and gets stuck in their tops. He was missing for three full days and nights last summer and I finally found him at the top of a tree in the woods, too scared to get down.

The first photo is of Chicky Bella. She goes by two names. My kids call her Chicky and I call her Bella.....too long a story! The photo is taken through a dirty window. She doesn't pose for pictures as much as the other two so I have little to choose from for her but tons of the other two.

I've completed a meme survey and thought I'd stick a couple of the questions and answers up each day. I would like readers to answer the same questions in the comments section if they would like. We'll get to know each other better before we get intimate. Ha, ha. So here goes with the first couple.

Three things you like about yourself:
My dependability
My sense of humour
My love of colour

Three things you dislike about yourself:
That I was disloyal to a friend
My inability to be as nurturing as a mother can be
That I have become cynical about love.

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Christine said...

Three things you like about yourself:
*my "craftiness"
*my sometimes strange sense of humor
*my ability to see both sides of almost any situation

Three things you dislike about yourself:
*My inability to tell a story without getting very distracted and go completely "off topic"... btw did I ever tell you about the time that I... (lol: J/K)
*My tendancy to be a procrastinator in the worst way
*My weight