Sunday, May 23, 2010

Asking For Rain?

We have nice weather for this long holiday weekend and I am enjoying it to the fullest. I wore myself out gardening on Tuesday, doing house cleaning on Thursday and yesterday on my day off, I did a bit of both but mostly took it easy and enjoyed the beautiful day.

I have to work today so missed an impromptu family reunion at my Dad's in a neighbouring province. All of Dad's grandchildren except for my oldest son got together yesterday for a barbecue. One of my daughter 's greatest skills is getting people together and she pulled this off in less than a week. If I'd had more time I could have asked someone to work for me later today but it did not seem fair to do that at the last minute on a holiday weekend. I got several phone calls during and after the event and they all said they missed me.

I've not planted seeds in my garden yet as we have had no rain and lots of wind. The seeds would blow away in these conditions. Having an early spring did not translate to an early garden. I do have lettuces coming up from last year's crop so that will bode well for early salads. My asparagus is not as productive as usual but I think that is due to the dryness. I am still getting 6 to 8 spears a day and I am the only one in the house eating it so it is adequate. My nephew was just here and said he doesn't leave the watering up to God and planted his yesterday.

I don't have much to report except for the wonderful weather so I will get to the music. Gardening and rain are covered today. Freedy Johnston has a lovely song called Evie's Garden and Fred Neil has a song that is my wish for this coming week, A Little Bit of Rain.


Michael Rawluk said...

We have corn and and a few other things growing in our compost. We need rain here. This past week we had a few showers but not nearly enough to make up for what we have missed. We are heading for dreadful water shortages.

Cuidado said...

I feel that may happen here too, Michael. We had hardly any snow this winter to make matters more drastic. I may have to get the watering can out tomorrow.