Friday, May 28, 2010

Floral on Friday

Would anyone like to cook supper for me? I have two chicken breasts thawed and a hundred things in the fridge and cupboards to go with them. It's Friday and I have never felt like cooking on a Friday evening. I would much rather have a couple of beers and wind down from the work week. I'm doing that now and have no desire to cook but am hungry. Oh well, I'll get to it in a second!

It has been a beautiful week to be commuting. The apple blossoms and some of the cherries are in bloom across the land while hedgerows and edges of fields are at their most beautiful. My house is filled with bouquets of apple blossoms and lilacs and I am picking bouquets of both in a few minutes (before getting dinner) to carry to some friends tomorrow. How beautiful this season is!

We received much needed rain but not a lot of it. I can finally plant seeds but only if the wind slows down. We've had an awful lot of wind this spring but it's not that unusual here, really. Seed will blow away if their cover of soil won't stay on. I would go now but I have to cut flowers and make dinner. I'd better get away from here.

Music, sweet sweet music: It Might As Well Be Spring by Johnny Mathis and Henry Mancini
Romek Ouchowski - Come On In My Kitchen -Please


Ralph said...

I can only imagine the riot of color surrounding you, with all those ornamentals and fruit trees. Must be just gorgeous.

Down here, I've put a few tomatoes in pots (no yard yet!) and the first blossoms have set. All things with roots and branches are thriving!

Cuidado said...

I can't wait to get the garden planted Ralph. I have itchy thumbs. Monday if the rain holds off for the morning would be perfect. Can't you just taste those fresh tomatoes???