Monday, May 03, 2010

Soon, I'll Relax

Ive only a short time for a post so will put my day in point form in as brief a way as possible.
  • Did the whole coffee/blogroll/breakfast thing.
  • Very remorsefully called someone to apologize for forgetting about a date we'd made for me to help her.
  • Made plans to fulfill my obligation to this person for one o'clock.
  • Did a pile of cleaning work.
  • Did a bunch of landscaping/beach tending, whatever you want to call it.
  • Picked a whole bunch of daffodils making bouquets for a number of people. One, of course, for the person I forgot.
  • Picked a big bunch of dandelions for me though I may use a couple of those daffodils for the bathroom bunch that has wilted.
  • Realized that my painting group meets for a whole day tomorrow. They loved the soup I made the last time we had an all-day session so they'd asked me to bring soup again.
  • Popped a large, frozen roast of beef into the oven to make a large pot roast.
  • Returned three phone calls all the while,
  • Continuing that day-off cleaning thing. (It's not really a day off as I have to work this evening but I don't work in the daytime so it kind of feels like a day off)
  • Made coleslaw
  • Paid some bills
  • Prepared some of the things to make soup which I will do later as,
  • I have to work tonight
I left early to make my obligation because I was going to a beautiful area. I wanted to stop for some photos which I did. I will do the same when I leave for painting in the morning. I'm really busy and have not been out photographing or walking. I'm missing the forest. I've not seen or smelled a Mayflower this year and fear I'm too late. I know where to get them but it's too long a walk. Busy as a bee, I am.

I'm picking totally random music - with eyes closed. I'll pick the most appropriate song in the screen that goes with the post:

This is what I have to do after work before I fall into bed tonight. I'm an early bird and like to go to bed early too (around ten) but I won't be tonight.
  • eat my dinner
  • drive to work
  • work three hours
  • drive home from work
  • make soup
  • get painting supplies ready for tomorrow
  • deal with the soup


Ralph said...

I'm tired!

nan said...

Whew! Me too! Get some rest when you can, Cuidado!

Dan said...

Sounds like someone had a busy day!

Cuidado said...

Ralph, Nan and Dan: I'm really tired now! I got home last night, made soup, painted all day which is exhausting, visited a friend and have done some garden work. At least I have supper ready...leftover soup and a salad. I'm expecting a friend to drop by. An early night as my day tomorrow is 5:30am till 9:30 tomorrow night. we

Cuidado said...

Dan, glad you are still around. How are you doing?

Carol Tiffin James said...

You sound productive! Can you give me some of your energy???

Cuidado said...

Hi, Carol, I was born with an abundance of energy and still have it. As I get older, I am more tired at the end of the day though and tend to crash. Luckily I sleep well to recharge the batteries. I'm glad to have a day off today and really need some quiet time.