Sunday, June 14, 2009

End of the Week

This is my last day at work this week then I have three glorious days off. I need the break because I need time outdoors. I hope the weather is nice. There is laundry to be hung on the clothesline and some minor gardening to be done. Four mornings in a row the deck pots looked like this then on Friday even the raccoons stayed under cover because to torrential downpours. The plants are battered and bruised and need some help.

I'm looking forward to wonderful dinners too. Since I work though the dinner hour, I have dinner at home only on my days off. I plan ribs, lasagna, and roast chicken. I'll make the lasagna on the same day as the ribs but eat it the next day. That gives me a day off from the kitchen with only a salad to make before the meal. My son appreciates my days off too. He's a good cook but works long hours and doesn't really feel like cooking when he gets home.

Since Putfile disappeared along with all the music files, some essential songs have to played again. This is ok because these good tunes deserve another listen. One of my favorites is Kate Rusby's cover of Iris Dement's, Our Town. I love this version so much! Dan Hicks is featured quite often here and any chance to do so makes me happy. Here he is with, I'm Saying Hello. Now I'm saying goodbye.


Ralph said...

You have more patience than I with the critters!

Cuidado said...

I decided to buy some mothballs as a few people had suggested but have been working so did not get around to it yet. They would have washed out in the downpours. I haven't looked outside this morning.