Monday, June 08, 2009

Lupins and Lobster

I've been waiting for a friend who said she was going to be here between three and four. It's now five-thirty and she's not been here yet. I need a break though so I've come inside and can do a post.

I'm sure by now that I'm sounding like a broken record when I say I've been doing intensive gardening. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so this is the perfect day to get seeds into the ground. I've got my beds almost finished and will plant seeds after dinner. I got thirteen packets of seeds and want to plant tomatoes too so everything will be planted closely and perhaps there will be no room for weeds.

I've had some wonderful bouquets in the last couple of weeks. My tulips and black irises are finished for the season. Lupins are in bloom already. The first ones are always a bit small but it's nice to see them. The lilacs are heavenly and apple blossoms are still perfect on the later trees. I washed a ton of vases this morning and will fill more in a bit. It's busy, busy, busy on my days off.

A couple of songs by great musicians today. There is no one quite like Leon Russell though he didn't get as much fame as he deserved. He has gotten a lot of recognition from other musicians as his songs have been recorded by many, especially his Singin' This Song For You. I saw him in concert twice; once in Toronto in rain in a muddy field and one at UMass. He's fabulous! My daughter told me today that she is moving back east so this song, Back to the Island, is for her. I love his raspy voice and simple piano. Harry Manx is another favorite of mine and it's time to post his Only Then will Your House Be Blessed.

My friend has arrived in the middle of this and brought me a whole bag of lobster. I have to go now. Yum, yum!!!!


Sharon said...

Just had to tell you I love Leon Russell too.

Saw him with The Gap Band in the early 70's at Minneapolis' Parade Stadium (now torn down).

Billy Preston was the warm up act.

Cuidado said...

Sharon, I just visited your blog and love it. I'm an intensive gardener too - wide beds instead of rows and lots of seeds per foot.

I wish I'd seen Billy Preston open for Leon. I saw Leon both times at festivals - one in the mud. Oh, remember the days.

Thanks for coming by. I will be visiting your informative site again.