Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Swimmin' As Fast As I Can

It's an early post today or none at all. I need a break from couch root removal and I am going to work in a bit to fill in for someone, so this is the only time I have. I am back working full time now so posts will be less often anyway. I just can't keep up with everything.

We are having wonderful weather so I've happily been outside in the gardens. The birds singing, the ducks quacking, and the frogs trilling are wonderful music to work by. The cats help as best they can coming by to get little rubs against my legs and dirty gloved hands. Yesterday a friend and I saw a very lively courting ritual; between three herons in the pond. I think it was probably two males competing for a female. They were fascinating to watch. I did not get photos for I knew that if I opened the kitchen door they would have flown off.

Some music is as wonderful as bird song. Here are a couple of songs that fit for me; Aretha Franklin with Nessun Dorma . When she filled in for Pavarotti at last minute on The Grammys with this song it blew people away. One that blows me is Lila Downs with the best ever version of Besame Mucho. There's nothing else even close.

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