Thursday, September 11, 2008

Avid Walker and Dental Patient

There are fresh vases of flowers in the house, the cat hair is at bay and I have clean sheets. All is well for my second day off. I am normally off on Tuesday and Wednesday but switched to Wednesday and Thursday for this week. I had a Thursday evening appointment that I needed to keep. You won't believe this but yesterday I showed up at my dental appointment an hour early - just like I did last month. They must think I really like going to the dentist. I just think I'm becoming senile and we'll leave it at that.

I spent the extra hour in Victoria Park wondering around with my camera. They did a beautiful job decorating the light standards in the park by planting large planters around them and including Heavenly Blue morning glories. With the sunshine and fluffy clouds, it was a wonderful morning for a stroll.

I finally got the mp3 player that I bought two years ago up and running. I didn't like the earbuds with it but I needed an adapter in order to fit it with new ones. I bought it for walking in the winter but since I didn't do much walking this past winter, I put it off till now. In one month I'll be laid off from my seasonal job and will be walking in the autumn woods as much as last year so thought I'd prepare early in case I want the mp3 for any of the autumn walks. I only need it for windy days to protect my ears from the wind. The music is an added bonus though I like the sounds of nature on the walks just as much.

I'll be back later to add music. I have a friend coming minutes from now so I'll be back when I can.

Update: The specialist I had the appointment with was two hours late arriving at the hospital so I am adding music quit a bit later than I had hoped. Peru's wonderful Susana Baca is bringing the music today. Here's Bartola from her album,Vestida de Vida and Zamba Malato from her album, Susana Baca. That's the album that made me fall in love with her music. I still play it a lot after many years.

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