Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Busy is a Beaver?

I've got a very good excuse for not posting during my days off. It is usually when I do have some time to post but not this week. I was extremely busy during my three days off. It's pickling season and I made three batches of pickles with more planned for next week. I made mustard-curry pickles, mustard- ginger, and Lady Ashburn, another mustard type. Next week I'm pickling beets and if I can find some green tomatoes, will make Chow. I also need to have a pie making day. Someone loaned me an apple picker last night which allowed me to get fabulous apples from higher on the trees. It's hard to find time for it all.

I had a lovely dinner party last night and friends for dinner on Tuesday as well. Truly, my hands are wrinkled from all the dishes I've been doing. Three batches of pickles involves enough dishes as it is but two dinner parties added to that.... Whew!

My hours have been cut back further so that I work only a half day today. I will miss the money but like the extra time off. The weather was definitely cooler but today is supposed to be a lovely 20 degrees. I plan to start walking again as the woods are going to be lovelier each week.

Louis Armstrong has some good songs for today. With Velma Middleton, here's You're the Apple of My Eye and with his band here's Walking My Baby Back Home.


Ralph said...

You're having so much fun these days! Wish I was there to help with all that food--both preparing it and eating it! And good for you for pulling back on your work schedule.

Cuidado said...

I'm all for the fun being off provides. Everyone else had fun this summer while I was slaving away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
S and I made four jars of salsa on Sat night. It is tasty stuff!!

Cuidado said...

Fabulous! You've become so domestic!