Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

My goodness, I have a hard time keeping up here. I have an hour this morning and that is more than enough time for jot something down.

We are having a moment of dry in the midst of tropical storm Hannah. It rained most of the night and most of the morning so far and is to continue. I just had a look at Environment Canada's radar and more rain is definitely in our future. Talk yesterday was for heavy wind but we're not getting that. It would be awful if we did as we would lose a lot of trees I think. The ground is so saturated with a month of rain that trees would be toppling as the roots are in a kind of soupy soil.

The photo was taken at another time but it could have been taken today as the pond is quite muddy. Since it is not raining at the moment my son just left to go fishing. I showed him the radar but he just looked at the fact that it's not raining now. I don't think he's gotten a km. down the road and we're in the midst of a downpour.

Our farmers are in a very bad situation. With all the rainfall, there has been no harvesting taking place. Potato crops are rotting in the ground. Some fields are like lakes. It's very disheartening!

Here's a song from The Waterboys for young son - Fisherman's Blues. Ben Taylor from The Ben Taylor Band is bringing an appropriate song, Rain. Doesn't he sound like his dad, James Taylor? Dancers in the Rain by Emilie Simon song of a different mood. Music for all tastes.

Sorry this post is a little disjointed. I've been on the phone with my grandchildren - so much fun!


Carol Tiffin James said...

Yeah, we've been having a lot of rain lately too. A co-worker said her garden is moldy, and she lost a lot of her veggies.

Cuidado said...

I keep saying I am moldy, Carol.

Kat said...

We had that same storm come whipping through though it was much less rain than predicted. We could use a bit of yours.

I love this picture.

Cuidado said...

Kat, I thought most of the eastern seaboard was having a wet season. The UK is wondering what happened to summer as they've had rain and cold. It is depressing to say the least as summer is so short. We feel cheated.