Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pink Flowers and Martinis

Again, I've had a great day off and am excited to think there is one more!! I brought a lovely Stargazer lily flower to a woman who inspired me to buy some by bringing me bouquets of lovely lilies over the summer. I bought three different lilies last week and two are beautifully in full bloom. This friend also explained how to do a crafting item I was trying to make and struggling with.

I visited another friend who has a sprained ankle. She had a whole bunch of stories for me. She rents her main house to tourists and moves into a cottage in full view of the house. It's too close as she sees everything that's going on and it's turned out to be too much for her to witness.

I went walking on the beach and also went hunting for chanterelles. Even with all the rain it's getting late in the season for chanterelles so I didn't get many. The big haul I got a few weeks ago was lovely and with what is left of those and the few I got today, there is enough for a taste tonight.

Pink Martini is bringing the music today. Lilly, for the Stargazer lily I was talking about, is from the album Hang On Little Tomato. Sympathique, from the first album, is for my friend with the sprained ankle. Pink Martini has such diverse stylings and writes and sings in several languages. I like this band a lot.

Gosh! A friend dropped by after that last paragraph so I'm getting back late. I started this at my natural late afternoon time. It's now evening. I haven't even started supper. There are lots of left overs from last night . I have to upload two songs. Oops! Maybe one now, start supper and go that way. Two part like last night. Here's one... Ok, two...

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