Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Sun Day

A day off in the sunshine again means that I'm a happy woman but my house certainly needs cleaning. I can't help it. I spent most of the day outdoors rather than vacuuming. We had record breaking rain this weekend and smashed rainfall records for the month of August. The sources say that we normally get 80 ml of rain in August and this year we got 230. It all adds up to very little sun.

I enjoyed taking hundreds of photos today but at least a hundred turned out to be rubbish as I inadvertently put the camera's dial on a slow shutter speed when changing the batteries. I didn't notice the error for quite some time.

I am supposed to be on the beach for a sunset walk and had better move it. Here are a couple of quick songs. The day got away on me. Up All Night from the album of the same name by The Waifs is for my sleep patterns lately. I've been having very altered sleep patterns, weird dreams, and am waking up tired. I hope to return to normal soon. Three Down kind of fits too when thinking things to look forward to, like days off and the end of a busy tourist season. How much do I love The Waifs?


Carol Tiffin James said...

What camera do you have? Mine's a cheapo I won in a contest. Ed promises one day to get me a more complex one, since I'm the main photographer in the family. Your pictures are all so lovely - of course, it's probably not the camera, but the skill of the photographer!

Cuidado said...

I have a bottom of the line Canon - A Powershot A520. I have a better Canon SLR but it's not digital. I want a better camera too.