Monday, October 06, 2008


I am so upset. My friends from Australia and Summerside, PEI were here for a visit this afternoon and I didn't get a photo. Two of the women were taking photos and I was being photographed but forgot to pick up my own camera. I'm thinking of calling the house where they are having dinner and arranging to meet for a late night photo. I can easily drop in and make it happen. There were five of us women all chatting at once and time got away so quickly.

They had a tour of my studio which currently is set up for painting, and had a look at my glass portfolio. One of the women was new to me. She is from Colorado and met the other three here after their vacation in Provence. We had tea and a nice visit. I've been home, a working girl. The other four have been traveling the world.

I had my last shift at work yesterday and I'm a free woman for the time being. That's what I want to celebrate, with music. It can only be done with this song. Two more versions of Halleluja. Here is a 'Live at Glastonbury' song from Rufus and Martha Wainwright. I really mean I want a celebration so here's another version from Allison Crowe. You can Bloggersearch on the top left for other versions on the blog.

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