Wednesday, October 08, 2008

La Vie En Pomme

Today feels like my first day off. Monday was filled with cleaning and awaiting visitors. Tuesday was filled with cooking, then potlucking. (Is potlucking a verb?) Today the only thing I truly had to do was wash my hair. I've also cleaned and cooked but nothing or no one was making me do it. I have an apple crisp in the oven and some prep for supper done but could stop right now if I wanted to.

It feels glorious! I had planned to spend a good part of today outdoors but it was cold and windy and I decided to put if off another day. If it's nice tomorrow I will do some fall work on the gardens. I have planting to do and it's October already! We've had strong winds for close to a week now. Wind bothers me more than rain as I get earaches being in the wind, even when it's warm.

I have never seen my trees so full of apples. There are no worms in them at all this year. My guess is that the blossoms were too advanced when the insects, who make the apple wormy, finally emerged due to our cold wet spring. I don't really know why but love the results in any case. Anyone In PEI want some apples?

Music, music, music.......makes my world go round. I'm loving the little mp3 player I've been plugging into my ears after finally taking steps to change the earbuds after a year and a half. No, I never procrastinate. I did a bit of dancing today but not enough to break a sweat, which is needed to meet my daily fitness goal. I have to make specific playlists for that. Too many romantic, slow ballads are mixed in on the playlist I have on the player now. I'll make a new one and include a few songs from this artist, Thalia. Moving to her will definitely work up a sweat. Here's Salsa Mujer Latina, with a merengue beat and something a bit slower, her version of La Vie En Rose.


Ralph said...

La Vie En Rose: Piaf is dancing in heaven. I'm sure she'd love that seductive treatment.

Wish you could send your apples across the border to Virginia! What kind do you grow?

Cuidado said...

I have all old-fashioned or heritage varieties as these trees are all a hundred years old. I have Red Astrigan which is very rare now and pictured with this post.