Monday, October 20, 2008

Swirling and Sauteing

One aspect of the internet that I appreciate the most is the ability to instantaneously retrieve a recipe or learn how to do something. I have a large shelf of cookbooks but if I want to know how to prepare something or find a recipe, it's to the net I go, not the bookshelf.

Today it was cream of potato-leek soup that I was looking for. It's a soup I love but have never made. I bought the leeks the other day and now have everything prepared and ready to cook.
I'm sure it will be very good as it is very simple and basic soup. I made beef stew yesterday. It's the season we want these hearty but basic foods. I think our bodies are programmed to eat in season but with the availability of foods from around the world, we can eat everything and anything whenever we want. Even though my body is craving soups and stews it is also delighted with the pineapple I have in the fridge.

I made four cds today, actually two copies each of two new cds. One is called Citified and there is another dance cd which I called Swirling and Twirling. There is one more to do tomorrow. I take forever making them as I want the right songs to fall in the right sequence. With the dance cd's that is really important as I use them for aerobic dancing for an hour and twenty minutes and rthe pacing is important. Here are a couple of songs from Citified - I Own the City by Saint Bernadette and Passing Stranger by Scott Matthews.

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