Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Seaside Sitting

I am one stuffed woman. We had a potluck staff party this afternoon and let me tell you, the food was fantastic. I feel like I won't have to eat for a week. It's neat how it all works out at potlucks. No one discussed what they were bringing but everyone brought something different and all courses were covered. I brought appetizers. We had ribs, lasagna, a rice dish, cheesy scalloped potatoes, a taco salad and three desserts. We had drinks too so I feel like having a nap.

The party was held at a summer cottage but it was rainy and windy so not a day to walk outside on the beach. I ran down to the edge to snap a photo of the three colourful chairs facing the bay.
The temperature is supposed to improve by the end of the week with 20 predicted for Friday. I had to add a blanket to the bed last night.

Here is today's music. The title, This is the Life by Amy MacDonald is how I feel about having some down time that I sorely need and House by the Sea by Iron and Wine is for the beautiful cottage I visited today.


Ralph said...

You make me think of one of the best things about working at the Peace Corps: the pot luck lunches we would throw, seemingly at the drop of a hat. The Peace Corps population at HQ is an odd mix of people who used to be volunteers with the agency and the local population of African-Americans with their southern-style dishes, so many, many different foodways were represented at these pot lucks, everything from Senegalese peanut stew to collards and potato salad. Like you, I always felt I could go for another week without eating after one of these marathons. There were so many different things to sample, one helping was out of the question.

Cuidado said...

I was able to fit some oysters and apple pie into the belly last night, Ralph. The oysters aren't fattening but apple pie....

Kat said...

I love a pot luck supper. My neighbors and I try to get together once or twice a year for one as it is the only time we get to do more than wave as we drive by each other. The food is always scrumptious and recipes get traded.

The picture is lovely.

Cuidado said...

I love pot lucks too, Kat. Everyone always brings something good as they have their reputation to uphold. O was standing on the very edge of the short bank. Ir was a windy cold day so I didn't get a lot of photos.