Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indian Summer!

What a wonderful "Indian Summer" day it's been! I did a whole lot of gardening and outdoor chores. Friends dropped by unexpectedly and we had a grand time. We had refreshments on the deck as it was wonderfully warm and sunny. We took a drive to the beach and encountered two hang gliders playing in the breeze. They steered themselves up and down the coast. A couple in leathers, on one motorcycle, were there too. They had seen them as they were driving along and knew they were about to glide along the beach so took the first road that looked like it was going to the shore. Turned out my son was at the next beach up so was under them too.

I got two of the lilies planted finally but am waiting on one as it still has three buds that are going to bloom. I want to keep it on the porch to bring it in on heavy frost nights. I don't have enough knowledge about lilies to know if I am giving it the correct treatment.

If you like scat singing I have a link for you. I found this fabulous YouTube video of Sarah Vaughan and just love it. The control that woman had and the rich voice. I just love Sarah Vaughan. I haven't had any of her up in a while and I think she has some autumn songs....

I haven't featured any Madeleine Peyroux for a while. I heard she has a new album coming out. My aunt and uncle had taped an evening's concert of Madeleine and her band for me to see when I was visiting them in the spring. It was fabulous. She has a kind of peculiar phrasing but it's what sets her apart. Here's This Is Heaven To Me and I'll Look Around. She always has a great band which in itself is worth a listen.

The above paragraph is from a July '07 post and that has the perfect music for today's hang glider post. If the links above don't work go there through this link. Here are a couple more that have already been featured on the blog. Nothing new today. Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer by Ry Cooder and Try Your Wings by Blossom Dearie. That will have to do tonight. I want to continue this wonderful day.

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