Thursday, October 09, 2008

In These Walls

I chose a random photo today. Closed my eyes, chose a file then chose a photo - eyes closed; A sunny beach at almost sunset time.

I experienced a strange dream sequence last night. I had two dreams in a row about people with strong political ties and ties to each other politically and personally. There were two entirely separate dreams where I was actively participating in both. The coincidence part is that while I was still in dream two, my son woke me to ask information about their colleague, a friend of both people I had been dreaming about. It wasn't anything political but important that my son get this information before he went to work. Too weird! I truly thought for a split second that this was a third dream with a very strong political message.

Last thing I'd ever discuss anywhere is politics and certainly not here. It's all about listening to music in my little spot on the web. I made a couple of cd's for my daughter today. She moved recently and wants house-warming presents that include music. I made some today and will make a couple more before I send off a package. I made cds with moving as the themes. One was moving house and one was moving body. As I said yesterday I need new dance playlists. Made one today for my girl's cd. It can be added to for the mp3 player. Here is one song from each: Emergency Exit from Beck and Cumbia Maya by Lila Downs. The second was once on the music pages under it's different name, Hanal Weech.

I must point out that I usually provide a link to a performer. First time is usually directly to their website. Second is usually the Wikipedia article and the third goes further down the Google search page. Beck's and Lila's today is to their myspace pages. I'm sure most of you are quite capable of searching on your own as well, any of the performers featured here.

I've time for some bonuses today, songs from the above mentioned cds that are already housed in these walls: C'mon a My House - Dan Hicks, Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed - Harry Manx and Eyes on the Prize - Mavis Staples.

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