Thursday, February 26, 2009

February's Winding Down

It's plus 5 degrees Celcius (41F) now at 4:15. Earlier today when I was walking it was probably plus 1 or 2 and it was melting. I give you photographic proof. A chickadee also gave a spring call today, so spring is giving us a little nudge. The days are noticeably getting lighter and longer and the sun is warmer. I would have loved to take a chair outside onto the deck for a bit of sun but I've been depending on young son to keep it shoveled so it's not done except for a path. The next few days are to be warm so I am going to enjoy it. February is turning to March in just a few days too so this is more proof that spring is on it's way.

I bought a huge bouquet of flowers on Feb. 16th that were half price after Valentine's Day. I made three lovely big bouquets out of the one large one and have had to cull only one flower, two stems of greenery and a couple of leaves since then. The rest are still in top form and absolutely lovely. The local tulips are in all the stores too and they bring such cheer. Spring, spring, spring.... I'm feeling it everywhere.

Jana Mashonee is the vocalist on this extraordinary cover of Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come. That is the song to glorify the spring weather. The song to wish my sister a happy birthday is Cath by Ben Gibbard. Happy Birthday, Cath!!!!!!


Ralph said...

Jana Mashonee: WOW!!!

Cuidado said...

Isn't she fantastic. Check out her site, Ralph.

Ralph said...

Oh, I did!