Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Quicky

A quick check in. My aunt is napping. We asked my sister in law to paint with us and she did, also appreciating free art lessons. She is coming again tomorrow and staying for supper. Today went well except I got a big blog of brown paint in my sky and had to differ my composition. Leave it to me.

One song is perfect for my aunt and me that is already on the pages because I'm being quick about this is The Collection of Marie Claire by Daniel Lanois and another by this fine man is Jolie Louise. We painted some today. We're 100 percent Acadian so we understand the sound.

Glad I could pop in. Didn't expect to. I'm keeping up with reading blogs better than posting to them.


Ralph said...

I chuckled at your Freudian slip. You say you got a big "blog" of brown paint in your sky. I think you meant "blob"? That's a mistake you'd never have made 10 years ago, before you started "blobbing."

Cuidado said...

Ha, ha. Didin't notice it, Ralph. I'd better leave it.