Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mid-Winter Report

The storm is upon us. Everyone else in the Maritimes has been experiencing a storm today except for us but it has now started here. My sister in law and I were sitting at my kitchen table an hour ago when the first snowflake fell and within a half hour we were in the midst of a blizzard.

I'm fully prepared. I finally woke up with my normal amount of energy and went grocery shopping so there's lots of food. I should be doing some chores as we speak here, dividing bulk items for freezing, getting started on supper etc. but I am here with you. I'm having Mexican tonight and once I get everything prepped, everything's easy. I had a visit, as I said, and two long distance phone calls while putting the groceries away so the kitchen jobs are a little behind.

It was very pretty on my drive to get groceries. There was frost on some trees and I stopped for a few shots. It's been pretty here on the Island, with the winter beauty shining through, and tomorrow I'm sure there will be more snow and more 'pretty.'

Great White Nothing
by Kim Barlow is a song I really like and have posted before. It's the first song I thought of for this post. Another way to go would be to choose the music for Mexican food. The Spanish Harlem Orchestra, is a band with the Mexican food covered and tonight's storm too. Late in the Evening which you know from Paul Simon and Salsa Pa'l Bailador will fit the bill quite nicely.

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