Friday, February 27, 2009

Skifflin' On

It's Friday - my favorite day of the week. When I was growing up, Friday was the day I went out with my friends. Saturday my friends and I were babysitting our sisters and brothers as Saturday night was our parents night out. For years in this house I had a Friday Happy Hour with lots of friends dropping in around five or six to unwind and let the week end in a really pleasurable way. We always had great music and lots to talk about and an awesome party would result. Another friend had a late night party called The Rum Shack that followed mine so there on a beach on the north of the island, the party continued. I was never there, of course. I was always here, with no plans to leave.

I feel like those days a bit today. I feel good because my studio is completely converted to a glass studio from a painting studio and all the twists and turns between them have been cleaned. My sister in law just left and she worked really hard this week too so we had a lot to celebrate. Whew! Feels like Friday. Feels good.

It's winter here but very warm and melting; the photos are from the summer to give you the feeling of Friday afternoon in my life.

I have a very favorite Friday afternoon album and you'd have to read back for the story but that album is The Skiffle Sessions. Here are a couple of songs. I Wanna Go Home and It Takes a Worried Man. Please search the album on this site too. An all-time favorite album but especially one for Friday night; it just fits. I grew up listening to skiffle music at my house. When Your Chewing Gum Loses it's Flavor was one our standards and it comes from Lonnie Donegan, who stars in this album. This is perfect music for Fridays! He was so wonderful.

Happy Friday!

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