Friday, February 20, 2009


I was saying to my sister-in-law this afternoon that some quantitative terms like 'busy' don't mean the same thing to us anymore. I suggested to her that when I tell her I've been busy it doesn't mean the same thing as it did to us fifteen, twenty years ago. Then, I had three kids (one a teenager), a husband, a labour-intensive home business, a huge garden and property to take care of, a much larger social life and could not stop, let alone pause, for a minute. I was 'busy' then but today I can say I've had a 'busy day' and things are so very different on my plate. Just something I was playing with in my mind today.

I was busy, as I said. My son opened some containers of paint I needed to finish painting what I needed to varnish. I could not open them myself and over the weeks had asked a few people to try the task. After weeks when all attempts failed, the cover became just loose enough for J to try last night and WIN. So I painted and varnished. I should be done by Wednesday or Thursday. I didn't realize I had painted so much this winter.

The glass window design is working away in my head and I believe that Thursday or Friday morning, it will translate perfectly onto paper, then into glass. My aunt helped me with an aspect of the design but has never seen past the sketches. It is yet a surprise even to me except in my head. Though it may not seem evident my brain is still busy even if I'm less busy in body.

Gosh, I just got off the phone again. These last few days have been unusual in that people who don't normally call every week have been calling and my regular telephoners have been much 'busier' too, resulting in making me 'busier'. Yesterday it was my old room mate from '72 -'74, when we married one week to the day apart. She called as I was unlocking my door after returning with the groceries. I carried groceries and beer with one hand while we talked and we talked two hours...just until my sister in law arrived. Today I talked to my New York actress/astrologist friend who has only called me one other time in the six or seven years we've known each other. I ate my lunch as we talked way over an hour. Strange.

Anyway, thank you for still being here. I started this post at around 2:30 and it is 6:13 and I haven't turned to the music yet. I could be here another hour! Here are a couple to remind me of this time of unexpected phone calls and being 'busy'. This song, after the opening turns into the most wonderfully sung ballad. It's absolutely beautiful and it's Emilie-Claire Barlow with The Very Thought Of You. Stupendous! She also does Dream a Little Dream of French. Here's Les Yeux Ouverts. It does not translate in the tital but it's the song we're familiar with. This is a Friday treat for you; thank me tomorrow.


Ralph said...

Love this post and I really get the "busy" part. It's definitely relative state.

Stained glass is one of my favorite things in life and I do hope you'll grace us with a picture of the finished product when it's done. Who knows--if we get a new house we may need some decoration.....

Cuidado said...

Sure, Ralph. I'll post a finished picture. I've shipped three windows to Newfoundland so it's very possible.