Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Rainin' Today

I've been on flood watch since early morning. I can get serious flooding in winter if the conditions are right. Luckily the conditions were not right so I got only a bit of seepage around one part of the foundation. My gutters came off last winter after getting the steel roof - a common event that I didn't know about. I couldn't afford the repair that is needed so am doing without. I have to lengthen the fascia boards and install new gutters. I hope to do it this summer. This seepage is a manageable bit of water. The other flooding can be serious.

It really poured today so the snow cover has shrunk considerably. It won't be as pretty this week as it's been. I've enjoyed the beauty of this winter very much though I did not get out into it's magnificence as much as I would have liked. What does John Lennon say? 'Life happens as your making other plans' or something like that.

I have got one huge collection of rain songs. It is a very popular subject in music. Here are two more, Toots Hibbert with Love the Rain and an old one, Uriah Heep with Rain. There's music for all ages and tastes here.


Anonymous said...

The wind & rain on Friday night was blowing just the right way so the picture window in the kitchen leaked. I made a troughout out of plastic and got over half a pail of water through the night,
Good thing I was home for that one...LOL


Cuidado said...

What a drag, Alf. J is away this weekend so I'm really glad I didn't get the major flood.