Saturday, December 09, 2006

Almost Over, Thank Goodness!

This has been the weirdest week I've ever had. I've had two falls, I hit my head three times yesterday, my keys locked themselves in the car, I had two days of allergy attacks to I don't even know what, my favorite skirt got burned from embers jumping from the fireplace, and even the fact that I have two prime days off in the Christmas party season....just overall weird. I find it weird that I've been accident prone. I'm very stable on my feet and don't normally fall down. I'm a Capricorn after all and Cuidado means careful. With that combination and me falling it's just plain weird. Yesterday at the bank about five people in line and a bunch of bank staff came running to help me up. I was so embarassed. They said they would put a mat down.

Luckily, due to my wonderful organizing abilities ha, ha, there hasn't been a hitch at work, other than me walking around with bumps and bruises and red eyes from the allergies. The party- goers called all the staff in last night to give us a standing ovation and booked for next year on the spot. At least something is going well.

I'm going to town today and S. and I are going out to play. We'll do some shopping too. I have gifts to get off in the mail by Monday.

For music some old blues today. Fats Waller doing Your Feets Too Big and Rolled and Tumbled Blues by Rosa Hemphill and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

Hoping I can stay upright this weekend and that I get some much needed rest and recouperation, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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