Monday, December 04, 2006

A Day Fit For Dogs

Ulu, Another Dog Friend

We're having our first snow. It started late this afternoon and there have already been fender benders between here an Ch'town. My favorite ex (sister-in-law) was just here and her sister and nephew had a near miss avoiding a big truck that ended up in the ditch. The snow season always starts this way and continues until people slow down, realizing that it's winter. I have an appointment for Friday to have my tires changed over, being like the herd and waiting till the last minute. I have an excuse of course. The only day I go to town is Tuesday and my car is full from work related stuff so I can't fit tires in the car and I don't want to go in any other day so I am .......joining the herd and waiting till the last minute.

I've actually started Christmas things. I am right now working on my fourth cd for my aunt and uncle. They like and appreciate the music I burn for them and I have fun getting songs together just for them. They like jazz and latin and there's a whole lot I have and like that they don't like at all so it's a challenge too. Last year they said, "No more Ray Charles." OK!

Music: Something from CD1 and 3 for my aunt and uncle, jazz then latin. Diana Krall's version of A Case of You is the extra track from the great album, Live in Paris, that they gave me for Christmas a few years ago. They will love Chevala Vargas. I've sent them some over the years and more now....Piensa En Mi. I love the beginning of this song as I always think it's Besame Mucho. It sounds so much like it at the start.....then there's her laugh.

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Sasha said...

Wow - that dog looks like Scotia!