Sunday, December 24, 2006

CBC's Worst Segment Ever

I was subjected to the worst radio segment I've ever heard on CBC this morning. Michael Enright had voice coaches attempt but not succeed to teach him to sing and it was truly awful. I was in the bathtub and momentarily thought of hauling the radio in to stop the pain. Luckily I couldn't reach that radio. That we Canadians paid for this CBC piece and were subjected to this crap was beyond belief. Thankfully the music for the rest of the program was good, preventing Michael Enright of having had the absolute worst program of the year, just segment. Heather Bambrick saved Michael's butt; she was fabulous!

I have a favorite Christmas song version and I can't find it. I usually hear Tom Jackson's version at least once during the season on CBC, but not this year. Crash Test Dummies has a pretty good version. Here's The Huron Carol. For a Christmas present, a great version of Besame Mucho from the vaults. My Christmas collection may be exhausted, but never versions of this great song. Here's Nana Mouskouri.

A young people's party here tonight. They can party here late into the night because nothing wakes me but the smell of smoke, so they smoke outside, and thumping which has stopped now that the boys aren't 14 and 15 and wrestling anymore. I'll have a great time until 10 or so then turn in and dream of sugarplums. All sounds good to me.....a Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a normal day of crappy CBC to me!..