Thursday, December 28, 2006


Playing With Toys

We have a baby in the house for the night. My daughter's friend and her six month old are here. The baby's very sweet. My daughter was going to take him for the night but I'm glad Mama came along. The wee one hasn't been well so best to be near his mom.

My friend from the Arctic was here for a great visit this afternoon and helped me install and use an external hard drive. I can now stop making cd's to save the music collection. I may put the music and photos on dvds as well.

You'd think I was really embracing the techno age with the external hard drive but what is amazing is that I bought and set up an mp3 player yesterday. It's the last straw. People will now be subjected to me singing off key to the music playing on earbuds in my ears. The world is not ready but I can't help but sing....and, the world is not ready for me with an mp3 player.

Music: From I'm Your Man, the tribute to Leonard Cohen, is Teddy Thompson's version of Tonight Will Be Fine. Another great cover is of Carole King's Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
by Amy Winehouse. I love the percussion in it and both fine songs are worth a listen. I keep finding I've already uploaded songs that I recommend so I just link them...easier for you.

It is twenty thrree years today I lost my brother to the side effects of a bone marrow transplant. A song for him too...

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Ocean said...

Mom, it was cute to see you walking around the house this morning listening to the MP3 Player, I honestly never thought I would see it!!