Sunday, December 10, 2006

Home At Last

The photo is of a sunset this week. It was really spectacular and a photo does not do it justice.

S and I had fun yesterday with lunch, shopping, trivia, dinner and a short visit with a friend. A great day! We won at trivia so this is three wins in a row for our team. We each had gift certificates for lunch and the trivia win so we could afford to go out for supper.

I'm ready to send all the long distance Christmas gifts off to make the Canada Post deadline. I received some in the mail yesterday from my aunt and uncle. I've finished four cd's for them and want to do one more today to get them in the mail tomorrow. With cleaning and laundry, I'm going to have a busy day. It is such a treat to have a Sunday at home.

Music: Bells Are Ringing by Mary Chapin Carpenter and New Religion by Alice Smith.

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