Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Free at Last

Kenz At Night

I'm officially unemployed. My feet and legs are very happy and plan to thank me next week when it will no longer hurt to walk. Now, I have to get ready for Christmas. A bit of baking, a trip to the attic for decorations, cleaning and shopping should do it. I'm attending a dinner party tomorrow so will go in early and take care of the groceries and shopping and the rest, I just have to get at it. Time is drawing near.

We blew second round in trivia last night after placing first in the first round. It goes without saying though, that we had lots of fun. We are not going next week even though there is trivia. We'll all be busy eating leftover turkey.

Music: Let Me Down Easy by Bettye LaVette and Bruce Springsteen's Long Time Comin'


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the break Mom! In two days, I will be off for ten days myself. Yeah!!

Cuidado said...

Yeah! Let the beard begin!