Sunday, December 17, 2006


It's finally here...the last party of the year at my work. I have a finish up day for the year next week and then that's it. Whew! It's been a siege to say the least. S. is coming out to volunteer and have a free dinner and then we're coming back here to have a drink or two and celebrate another year finished. Did I say Whew!?

I heard from my daughter last night. They were close to entering Manitoba, making good time and there was not a blizzard. It was snowing but not too bad. Our weather is warm and sunny. People are complaining about the lack of a white Christmas. Bah!

On the radio right now is kd lang's version of Leonard Cohen's song, Halleluja. The song before that was Ray Charles', Halleluja, I Love Her So. The segment is a kind of special on the word Halleluja. I have lots of versions of Halleluja and a few up on the music page. I also have Ray's song up already. Here are a few more Hallelujas in honour of the last Christmas party. To add to Allison Crowe, kd, Jeff Buckley's versions are a powerful one by Rufus Wainwright and the original by Leonard Cohen himself.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to listen to the KD Lang one. S. loves the song. She really likes the Rufus Wainright one more than the others. We both liked the L.Cohen one you gave us more than we expected to, but not as much as Rufus.

Cuidado said...

kd's version is way back in the music page somewhere. Leonard's verion is sexy and Rufus' is power. I have 13 versions and am always looking for more.