Thursday, December 21, 2006


My darling daughter has made it home from Calgary. They left Saturday morning and arrived yesterday morning. She's all in one piece - not even road weary, just glad to be home.

I actually have to cook and feed people for the next week seeing that I have two children home so I have to get some groceries today. The cupboards have been pretty bare. I have a dinner party in town this evening so will go in early and get final preps for Christmas and food. A rarity these days is that the dinner party is not a potluck. I am not supposed to bring anything except something to drink because they're serving wine, which I am allergic to. It will be great not to cook for once.

I've made a cd of dinner music for tonight and while going through some music I found some I'd forgotten about. It's not dinner music but one cut for today is God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash. It reminds me of Dylan's, Gotta Serve Somebody. Another cut is an old one that I always liked. Some would consider it cheesy but I like it....One Less Bell To Answer by The Fifth Dimension.


Ocean said...

I am very happy to be home and can't wait for some good home cooked meals!!! I missed home.

Anonymous said...

We couldn't find any parafin (?) wax, so we aren't having any of Mom's peanut butter balls! That sucks!
- A