Sunday, March 02, 2008


We are in the midst of a huge blizzard. I started snowing yesterday afternoon, took a bit of a break overnight but started up again before morning and is now ripping and roaring. We have 100 km winds and zero visibility.

Of course, my twenty something year old kids are out adventuring in it. They went searching for someone's lost dog, tried to find sleds at their dad's so that they could go sledding and are now planning to come here to see what they can find in my barn. I'm staying in where it's safe and warm.

This is probably going to feel like the longest week of my life. I want Monday to come more quickly than it really can. I want this monster out of my body. I've been obsessing all week about what I should eat and what I should not. For instance, the surgeon asked me what medications I was on. He asked if I take supplements and I told him that I take them all. He said, "Do you take vitamin E?" I told him that I did and he didn't expound on it nor did I question it further. I certainly wish I had. So all week I've been wondering why he asked about that specific vitamin and whether I should leave it out or double it. My mind needs quieting. Take a deep breath.

Today's music is two different songs with the same title; Breathe. The one by Sia had been up before but disappeared and the one by Alexi Murdoch I've put on playlists but not on the blog. Both are very nice and mellow....just what I need.


Ralph said...


How long before we hear from you again? Assuming things go as hoped, how long will you be laid up?

Ekim said...

Can you see your monitor in that storm?
Our snow has dropped incredibly but today a gentle snowfall.

Cuidado said...

I don't leave till next Monday so you'll probably hear from me late afternoon today. I find out all the particulars on Wednesday about how long I'll be in hospital and recovery, I guess the surgeon will fill me in on but it will be a couple of months, I presume.

Cuidado said...

Luckily my monitor is indoors. I just heard today's forecast. It's only 80 km. per hour winds today.