Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alone Again Or

I've just come from a little Sunday afternoon rest. It was supposed to be a nap but the phone kept ringing. It's a perfect day to curl up. The wind is howling. We had a couple of inches of snow overnight and its cool enough that it didn't melt off today. The photo is of my sister exploring around the pond yesterday. We'd had some fresh fallen snow that made everything pretty again but the afternoon temps and sunshine made it all melt off.

My sister is gone - back to her own life. I was so sorry for her to go. She kept me in line. Not once did I move heavy furniture or carry rocks. That was a harder job than it sounds. I carry mountains of rocks and say that's what's kept me in shape for all these years. I will also have the task of trying to pay as much attention to Bella as my sister did. Bella is a cat with constant needs and my sister fulfilled them leaving no meow unheeded. Those are big shoes to fill and I'm sure that in this matter I will fail. There will be a lot of meowing around here for a while.

Twice in the last while I had to change a gender word in a song title to make it fit. Today it's Who's Going To Help Brother Get Further by Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello. I want to change Brother to Sister. It is a given that Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves would be a selection today. So is Alone Again Or by Calexico.


Kat said...


Tag! Hope you play along! Kat

Cuidado said...

I don't know bloggers to send the tag along to, Kat. Sorry!