Thursday, March 06, 2008

Counting the Days Till Spring

In my Shutterchance blog it is spring. It's beginning autumn in South Africa and though the Australians haven't mentioned it, summer is fading there as well. In Europe however it is spring. David from outside Dublin has been photographing daffodils for weeks, France has had the earliest spring ever on record and England, though it varies throughout the regions has green grass and daffodils too. We are the land of freezing rain and snow. It's always been normal for us to have this weather but Europe and the southern states have me feeling a bit envious.

Ralph wrote about gardening today and shows a photo of his green grass. I long for May's green grass but will patiently wait. There is not much we can do about this change in circumstance or physical area but much we can do to keep showing nature as it moves acroos the world. We in Atlantic Canada will eventually get spring. Someone commented on Ralph's blog yesterday about looking for relief from the heat and wanting cooler temperatures in July and August. It will be my turn to feel sorry for them then. We love July and August.

What is spring but Buckets of Rain. Being one of my favorite Dylan songs I have a few versions already up. Number one, two, and three . Here's another by Neko Case. Since we have Neko Case up here's another song of hers; Look For Me I'll Be Around. She's moody by the way.


Kat said...

Spring is a late comer here as it is with you. The ocean keeps the air brisk until May and sometimes later, but I never mind the chill because I know nature makes up for its tardiness during the fall by giving us splendid weather.

Today we saw blue skies for the first time in a week. Buckets of Rain is a perfect choice.

Ralph said...

I'm with Kat, Cuidado--things make up for themselves. I know your summers are delicious while ours are muggy and hot. Funny, when I posted that picture I hadn't even noticed the grass! But you're right--it's green!

Cuidado said...

I read your piece the other day about summer following winter so quickly. It is much like that here. I think spring will be a healing time and that, I am looking forward to.

Cuidado said...

Our summers are perfect and late spring is my favorite time. I love when the landscape is coloured in the many shades of emerging green leaves. I think most people like the fall best but for me it's spring.