Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday MishMash

I chose the above photo and had proceeded with the upload when this song came onto the cd that I made. An Illegal Smile by John Prine is playing on my stereo at the moment. It felt like a smiling day to me even before the song.

I've been having a bit of a party - celebrating Friday with girlfriends. I'm playing a cd I made for my sister and the one before before that was one I made for my sister-in-law, who just left. Their birthdays are two days apart. I think Ralph is partying a bit out there as well and I feel connected. My brother is arriving tomorrow to steal my sister away. We'll deal with that when it comes. I've invited my son and said sis-in-law to sit on Aunt Cath so that she can't leave.

Eighties Ladies by KT Oslin just came into sight when I spun the music in front of me and it is so marvelously ironic . Remember I'm listening to cd's. All of these women that were here stem from meeting in the eighties. I usually listen to music from my computer when I on it rather than from the house stereo that is now blasting away. I present it now and bow out gracefully.


Ralph said...

I must say we've had an outstanding day here, Cuidado. The warmth of the afternoon gave way to a cold and blustery wind, just right for that big bowl of chili and then good sleeping. While it was still warm, un late afternoon, the boat folks called sand said they could deliver the boat today after all, so we got a nice, balmy ride. Things worked out just perfectly.

Can you please email me so I can capture your address this time? I have a picture to send you and I find I didn't keep your address from our lat exchange.

Cuidado said...

E-mail is on it's way. We had a couple of cm of snow this evening after a gorgeous day. Just when you think spring is near.....