Friday, March 07, 2008

Never Letting Go

What a gorgeous, gorgeous day we had today. I got out walking and the fresh air and sunshine does a lot to enrich the soul so I am feeling enriched. I visited a few friends who can't get out walking like I can. We sat outside and watched the melting around us.

Tomorrow night we are supposed to have a massive ice storm. I have to pay careful attention to the forecast as I have to be in hospital at 7am on Monday. Yesterday, the forecast said that the freezing rain would be lasting till Sunday. If this is so when do I go to town? It is a play it by careful ear situation. I have a place to stay if I want to go in early and my son is flying in on Sunday and he has tons of places to stay so we're not worried about that. It is driving from the country that is the problem.

Randy Newman always has the right music. Real Emotional Girl pretty well describes me lately. I just have to Roll With the Punches so that's the plan. Only three more sleeps. Van Morrison always has the right music too. Contacting My Angel is of course at the top of the list of what I'm doing. I want her to See Me Through. Phoebe Snow knows the truth though. I'm Never Letting Go.


Ralph said...

Great music tonight, C. You outdid yourself!

If the weather got really bad could you take a taxi to the hopsital? You're not totally left to your own devices under the circumstances, are you?

Another question: have you given any thought to maybe having one of your kids post progress reports here on how you're doing if you end up laid up for a while? We'll be anxious to know how you are.

Cuidado said...

I live 40 km from the hospital - out in the country. There are no cabs out here. If I stay in town with a friend I will get a cab from there. It looks as though this is now not continuing until Sunday as it was first forecast. That's good news.

My sister gave progress reports on my shutterchance blog during my shoulder surgery. Perhaps I'll ask my son to do that on this blog and her to update the shutterchance blog as she just has to leave a comment there.