Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I'm exhausted! I spent two and a half hours in hospital yesterday and five and a half hours there today. After yesterday's visit I spent a four hours with a friend while my daughter got her hair done. Then I spent an hour following my daughter around while she clothes shopped, then got groceries. I got home in time to eat two pieces of pizza for supper, grab a shower, and go back into that friend's to spend the night. Hours and hours of freezing rain was forecast for today and if it occurred in the morning there would be no way I could make it into the pre- surgery clinic. If you miss this clinic, your surgery is automatically canceled. I couldn't have that. Now everything is ready, I have my instructions and am just counting the hours. I need some relaxation time but doubt if that is going to happen.

Playing Mississippi Fred McDowell got me playing a pile of old blues this week and one of the songs that came up was Frankie and Johnny by Big Bill Broonzey. Another great version is fron The Skiffle Sessions album that I featured a few days ago. I remember this song from it's era an loved it then. I almost like it more now.


Ekim said...

The mavin of music. You keep finding my favourite music.

Cuidado said...

Which version do you like?