Monday, March 31, 2008

Out Like a Lamb

What a quiet day it's been. I miss my sister!!!!! Come back, Cath! It's toooo quiet. When I had a phone call at about eleven am, I had to clear my throat. I had last spoken at about six-thirty when my son left for work.

We are expecting snow again tomorrow. No, we haven't seen the last of it yet . My sister sent photos of the huge amount of snow that awaited her when she arrived home. Unbelievable!! Spring is notoriously late in Atlantic Canada and this year is no exception. Green shoots are growing up and growth will advance very rapidly when warm weather hits. Several people, as late as this morning, have mentioned wanting (needing) to get their hands in the soil. I had big plans for gardening but have decided not to devote so much energy there. My normal amount of gardening will be just fine.

I just had a look at the forecast. That snow will turn to rain as the temperature is going to be ten degrees. Awesome!

Van has an appropriate song for the beginning....So Quiet In Here. Did I ever say I was Van Morrison's biggest fan? I'm also a big Ruthie Foster fan. Here she is with Prayin' for Rain and Another Rain Song. I so wish I'd been able to see her when she was in the Maritimes. I have a lot of rain songs. I created a playlist with just rain and storm songs on it and it fills several cds. You can search the blog for Buckets of Rain for instance. I have several available, I believe.

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