Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hold Yourself

This photo is deceiving for a day like today as I wanted something bright and have only dark photos that portray pure wind. We have had a huge wind storm for the last couple of days and it is still blowing a gale. Though it is sunny, the furnace is running full time to keep us warm. The rest of The Maritimes are above zero but not here. It is only minus four now but was very cold for much of the day.

I'm feeling fine but no one told me of the dangers of laughing or sneezing. Movements of the body have to be calculated. I had to take pain medication after talking to my daughter last night. She was telling me hilarious things that I was saying through hallucinations after surgery. I can't remember very much of it but I guess I kept the kids entertained. And as for sneezing, I have officially given up pepper.

Songs: I Can't Stop and Let Me Down Easy by Bettye LaVette, and the James Taylor classic, Something In the Way She Moves. This is not to be confused with The Beatles song.


Ralph said...

Nice to have your great music back. I Can't Stop is a good dance number. Sit still now!

Cuidado said...

Ralph, it's good to be back and able to listen to some music. I love that song and have it on many, many playlists!