Saturday, March 01, 2008

She's Back!

My lovely daughter has arrived home from 'out west'. She and her older brother are staggering their visits. My youngest son was in Maine, three hours from the Canadian border, when I talked to him at about three o'clock. He will arrive home sometime in the middle of the night. He's driving through a storm and I've urged him to stop but he is going to keep on. He has passengers with him on the return whereas he went to Boston alone.

This is one busy girl. She has about one million friends. I called her this morning when she was waiting in the airport in Toronto. We talked for a minute or so and I heard her say, "Hi, Brody." She knows people everywhere. She is already gone visiting her cousins after being home an hour. Luckily, I am cooking her favorite meal for supper so I know she will be back.

I could choose lots of music that reminds me of my daughter. Them There Eyes as sung by Billie Holiday with the line, "I fell in love with you the first time I looked at you" comes to mind but she doesn't really like the song any more. I Love You So Much It Hurts by John Prine was a possibility but I've chosen the Jane Siberry song, Calling All Angels, sung by Brandi and Tiffany Carlile. Also, My Baby Just Cares For Me with Sophie Milman's clear as a bell voice is perfect for today.

I was just thinking about the last time I saw my daughter. She was with me when I fell on the ice, now over two months ago. She got me to the hospital and back but left here the next day. Little did we think she would be accompanying me to a hospital again so soon.


Ocean said...

i don't mind at all!!

Anonymous said...

How long is she home for.
Is she still going to be there when I get there?

Cuidado said...

No, she's leaving Thursday or the next Tuesday.