Monday, March 24, 2008

Could I Be Hungry?

Today is a blue sky day, the first I've seen in weeks, it seems, though when we went to town last week I remember the blue skies and the blue water. If you're driving or stuck inside, it hardly matters. I had some community errands and visits to complete today but did not walk. My soul wanted to so badly but I'm being good and did not venture off on my usual speedy pace. My sister drove me around on the short jaunts and I'm feeling better for it now.

My sister decided to make a special meatloaf that she likes. We visited a friend in a nursing home and he said meatloaf had also been their dinner today. I watched Oprah when we came home and on one segment, Billy Joel's young wife made meatloaf. Amazing? What are you having for supper?

I went to a potluck yesterday and had lots of nice food. My favorite was the asparagus with hollandaise sauce and one of the desserts, the old time, Impossible Pie. I bought an bundle of asparagus earlier in the week and had forgotten about it so that's some of the other items on the dinner menu. We are also having turnip, my sister's favorite veggie. She and my son will have baked potatoes and I will have rice or maybe, I will have the baked for a change. I like baked and sour cream with meatloaf.

I also like lots of music. What can be better than food or music? Food and music? Blossom Dearie is a favorite singer and performer of mine. She does a fine job of the old song Peel Me a Grape and she has a version with Lyle Lovett. Which to choose..... Both were up previously. Today I'll choose her version with Lyle but the other will make it up again some day. Another nice food song is Patty Griffin's Making Pies. Rufus Wainwright has Crumb by Crumb in the food category and he and Didi collaborated on a food song, I Eat Dinner and that's pretty awesome.


Ralph said...

Mmmm--delicious! We're not having meatloaf but we are having hamburgers--that almost counts! What's "Impossible Pie"?

PS Thanks for the Rufus!

Cuidado said...

Impossible pie is really neat. You take all the ingredients, mix together, throw them in a pie plate and it all separates into layers. You get a pie crust, a custard topped with a coconuut topping. It is delicious. I can send you the recipe if you'd like. I hadn't made it in years but after having it yesterday, I'm going to make it again. Super quick and easy!

I have lots and lots and lots of Rufus.

Ralph said...

Would love the recipe!

I have almost EVERY Rufus, including bootlegs from file shares....(!)

Cuidado said...

I'll post the recipe on the blog tomorrow as you can cut and paste it easier than from the comments. That will be a first for me to post a recipe.