Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank God It's Friday and Thank You Nurse Jackie

Good Friday. In my opinion every Friday is good. Friday has always been my favorite day of the week. When I was young I was the oldest and had to babysit......a lot; every Saturday for sure as that was my parents night out. Friday became mine and my friends' night to do whatever we were going to do that week with the promise of getting to sleep in on Saturday. This night has stayed with me as a celebratory night and Good Friday is the epitome - the end of Lent. I don't give up anything specifically but still practice it to an extent somehow but not in a Catholic way. Hard to explain but it's part of me. Good Friday.

I just telephoned the nurse who was a personal angel to me, to thank her for being an excellent nurse. I had several complications after my surgery that weren't dealt with until I figured it out myself or she did. She was humbled by the call but I believe she was the best nurse I encountered during my visit and deserves to know this. She lives in my community though I didn't know her. I know her husband who is very good in his trade as well. I always believe in letting people know when they're doing a good job. It's always been a practice of mine.

Music: For Jackie: Calling All Angels sung by Brandi and Tiffany Carlile and Thank You by Dido, Woman King by Iron and Wine and The Quality of Mercy by Michelle Shocked. She was a really good nurse.


Kat said...

I share with you the memory of babysitting though my brother and I got to switch off on the days. We fought constantly as to whose turn it was because we counted very differently what constituted babysitting.

I'm glad you are taking it easier.

Ralph said...

Friday's always been my night to howl, too, and when I was working I was always frustrated that other people just wanted to veg on Friday night because they were so tired for the week. Heck, I was busting out from the week! I managed to enjoy myself anyway.

And I'm with you 100% on praise where it's due. It's so easy to complain and have an attitude--I do it all the time. At some point I realized that life would be a lot more pleasant all around if I was as nice when that was called for as I was the opposite when that was called for, and I've made a point of it ever since.

Cuidado said...

Kat, It's fun that my sister is babysitting me now. The tides are turned but she's certainly assisting with the taking it easy, which I'm doing.

Cuidado said...

I had a Friday Happy Hour here for years. It just ended about three years ago. It had had it's time. i still get a visitor or two on Fridays, one today, and enjoy a drink and laugh. So ends a week of toil somehow.