Thursday, March 20, 2008

Springing Forward

Our forecast huge ice storm was a no show. This is the third time this has happened in the last month. I'm not complaining at all, as it turned out to be a very pleasant first day of spring.

After this morning, if my sister tries to leave, my son will probably sit on her - because I can't. She baked cookies this morning. They were some kind of cinnamon delights and the house still smells amazing. I limited myself to two before lunch but it was very hard. I'm on a healing journey and too many cookies wouldn't be the best medicine - two I can justify. Did I mention that I mean two cookies per meal?

I've been a good patient today, and took it easy. One of my aunties called this morning and we spent an hour and or so on the phone. I'll never catch up on a week of missing the blogs on my morning blog roll but I gave it an honest effort this morning while I smelled the cookies baking. Someone loaned me the first season of Nip Tuck which I had never seen so we did a bit of that this afternoon. I'm not a TV person and have only two channels. Nip Tuck only became available to me only during it's second season so it's good to see the prequel to that.

My situation reminds me of an Ingrid Mickelson song, Breakable. I just have to keep reminding myself. One of the ways people find my site is from searches for Ingrid. I'll add another of her songs today that I like a lot, The Way I Am. It reminds me of the love songs, When I'm Sixty-Four by The Beatles and Stan Rogers' lovely, Forty-Five Years From Now. Here another sweet love song, Morning Lullabies, from her album, Slow The Rain. Another from that album is A Bird's Song.

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