Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Country Colour

Prince Edward Island is a beautiful place to be in the spring, during dandelion season specifically. I know that hoards of people consider dandelions to be weeds but I think they are beautiful and fill the countryside with an awe-inspiring bright yellow colour that contrasts with the red soil perfectly. Add to that the subtle green colour changes in the stands of trees in the forests. There are numerous shades of green, several shades of pink and red, and all colours in between.

I felt blessed to drive through this yesterday on my way to town. I hadn't been to town since a dental appointment forced me the day after I arrived home from Ontario a month ago. There is not much to draw me in, away from my home and community. The beauty of the countryside holds more for me. Since I had a Town List a month long, my day in the city was busy. I was successful in all endeavours so can probably stay away for another month.

I am going to be doing lots of gardening for the next while. The garden provides some pretty intense exercise as you get older. The intense gardening I did years ago would not be possible for me these days. It all works out, I suppose. I no longer have a big family to feed.

For years I wanted to know the identity of the singer of this song that I had heard on the radio years before. I loved it immediately but did not catch the nameof the song or singer. A couple of years ago, Kat from Keep the Coffee Coming had the song on her blog and I was so happy to find it and have my questions answered. I have it for you today - The Garden Song by David Mallett. Another to celebrate the beauty I see around PEI's countryside is Dandelion Rain by Dean Fields. I love spring the best


Ralph said...

Something else about dandelions in this enormous profusion is the sweet, honeyed scent of the air around them. Very nice pictures today, the tulip and that huge field.

Cuidado said...

I love dandelions, Ralph. The fields around me are the same and so beautiful!

Devon said...

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