Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Floral Heights

My house holds a riot of colour today. Like after Valentines day, the store where I grocery shop had their flowers at half price. I got three bouquets - red carnations, purple mums and dyed green chrysanthemums. I picked marsh marigolds on the way home and have all those vases of daffodils in the house already. You can imagine all the displays I've made. I also have branches from my forsythia in the bouquets.

Since I collect vases I have lots of choices, just not enough surfaces to set them. Quite often I have tall vases on floors, like today. They cover every surface. I sometimes have new vases like the one my sister, Cath, gave me this year. It is egg shaped. I've taken photo of it's first year and can see many years of more cre8ive arrangements for the future. I'm keeping it outside on the deck's very old, on it's last legs, lobster box coffee table. I'll show a photo 0f it soon.

The house with the flowers all through it is like bliss to me. I love the complicated beauty, complicated music and art as well. Could that perhaps indicate I'm a complicated person? I am easily stimulated visually, and with photography, painting, flower arranging, jewelry-making, stained glass and building beaches, allowing me to fulfill my ideas, I feel quite balanced.

Tomorrow I'm gardening so you may not hear from me. It depends on how exhausted I am. It takes so much more out of me now than in the olden days. Even though gardening is a lot of work, gorgeous flowers to make into bouquets for my house are very well worth it.

It's The Waifs today with Sun Dirt Water for even thinking about gardening. It will help me get through all the heavy work. I'll be sure to play it while I'm outside. House By The Sea too, by Iron and Wine will be quick and keep me working at a good pace. I will groan now if I'm not able to come tomorrow. That will be my post - just a long groan for every time I try to move by tomorrow night.


Carol Tiffin James said...

Gorgeous picture - lifts the spirits!

Cuidado said...

Carol- I need a lift after gardening today. Oh,my.goodness!