Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Life

I am bushed, played out and completely tuckered. I've been outside all day gardening intensively and that is the plan for tomorrow as well. I've had my old vegetable garden tilled and am trying to remove couch (or cooch) grass that had completely taken over the spot. If you know this grass you know how hard it is. I got all my terra cotta pots ready for plants as well. I blended soil, peat moss and compost in a wheel barrow and filled the twenty-six pots with the mixture. I am going to a garden center tomorrow for plants and will need a wheel barrow full of money. It takes a lot of plants to fill that many pots and they're expensive! I'll buy the tomato plants for the garden at the same time.

I had an organic vegetable garden for my whole adult life and fed my children with it throughout their lives but gave it up for the last five years for a good reason. That reason is now no longer a factor so I am very happy anticipating fresh vegetables at my back door again. This work is worth it. I'm hoping I can convince my son of this too as I'd like him to give me a hand this evening. When I mention tomato sauces made with fresh tomatoes, he may succumb more easily.

The music today is varied. Winter's Come and Gone is by Gillian Welsh and is of the country/bluegrass style. It's a wonderful song for spring and what I'm experiencing in my yard with the blackbirds and blue birds all around. I still have three resident mallard drakes in the pond but I think I saw a duck this morning. I was upstairs and needed my binoculars to be sure. Scotland's Amy MacDonald brings the music variety I mentioned with the very poppy This Is the Life. It's how I feel being able to have all the gardens I'd ever want or need. Some don't have this luxury.

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