Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stages and Layers

This is a canvas of my aunt's as promised. It hangs in an entryway above a bench. You get lost in the cool green and blues. It's amazing. Again, you have to click to embiggen.

This afternoon I entertained a friend who is feeling very down. I thought I could cheer her up and maybe get into some painting and crafty things with a lot of ideas and an open stocked studio but she's feeling uninspired. Depression is a terrible thing. We both heard a radio program this afternoon on CBC about coming to terms with health problems and problems in general. Just get out there and do it she says. I feel that way now too and I kind of bugged my friend with that 'you can do it' rap. She wasn't buying it. I'm expecting more company any minute so will probably be choosing music late. I will probably publish whenever she comes and add music later.

Oh, definitely more Dan Hicks. How can I not, with a clean slate. We've had a few days of rain which ended today. My friend and I sat outside all afternoon, with sweaters. Garden in the Rain is a fitting song as I was visiting the garden, showing it off and pulling an occasional weed. The afternoon had gorgeous clouds of which I got several photos. Tomorrow, you'll see them.

Back to the music after another visitor. I love Dan Hicks for the right mood. Here's Hummin' to Myself by Dan, a fit as always.


Ralph said...

The worst kind of depression is the one I'm on the fringes now, about things over which you have no control. "You can do it!" doesn't work. Circumstances I cannot change are telling me that I can't. The best thing you can do in this situation is find creative ways to work around obstacles and play the hand you're dealt with all the skill you can muster. Above all, wallow as long as you have to, but dig out as soon as you can.

Cuidado said...

My friend has serious health problems and they won't get better. She has to learn to live with it and find some reason for living. It's tough for her.

Megan said...

Hi Cuidado,
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